Monday, July 1, 2013

The Legend of Luther Strode Contest

THE LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #6. JULY 31. Luther and Petra Vs. Jack the Ripper in a finale so big, the issue had to go double sized!

To get you prepared for the mayhem, we present to you a splash page from the issue. Now, the question we ask you, dear reader, is this: can you find all of the hidden treasures veiled in the bloodshed? Are your eyes so keen? Your mind so sharp? If so, we offer you treasures of our own! The first person download the image, find the items detailed below, circle them, and email their findings to wins!

Alas, what must you find? Let's see:

- Seven Dragon Balls
- A column of slain Resident Evil characters (Bonus points if you can name them)
Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)
Narsil (King Elendil's broken blade from Lord of the Rings)
- Raphael's Sais (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

What will you win?

- The Legend of Luther Strode TPB
- The Strange Talent of Luther Strode TPB
- A complete set of The Legend of Luther Strode Phantom Variants
- Four Limited edition Luther Strode prints

(all prizes will be signed by either Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, or both)

So, once more, let's recount how this contest works:

2) Circle your findings (digitally, physically, whatever works)
3) Save that image and email it to
4) Pray that you are the first person to do so
5) Win and receive your spoils!

Good luck Strode fans, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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