Saturday, June 15, 2013


 Variant cover for MORNING GLORIES #28!

 Are you reading the series? If not, please do check it out! I personally guarantee utter intrigue, beguilement, and satisfaction.

Colors by the incredible Alex Sollazzo.

Character busts I did in preparation for the Morning Glories cover.

A pin-up for the ever-amazing Andrew MacLean's comic… HEAD LOPPER.

If you like swords, sorcery, vikings, severed heads, monsters, fantastic artwork, and METAL, you will love this comic!

Please forgive the fact that there's a bit of uncropped material looming in the bottom left corner of this piece. Yes, I do see it. No, I do not intend to fix it. AHAHAHAHA.

Last, but not least (unless you don't like Deadpool, in which case, this may indeed be the last and the least), here's the cover for Deadpool #11. 


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